Selkirk IL Flue (Insta Lock)

Selkirk IL Flue (Insta Lock) is a factory made twin wall gas vent system comprising a range of straight lengths, associated fittings and accessories. It is manufactured with an aluminium liner and an outer casing of Zalutite. The air gap between the outer casing and inner liner insulates the vent thus ensuring a strong draft at the start of firing in order to minimize condensation.


Selkirk IL Insta-Lock Flue Lengths

Selkirk IL Insta Lock Flue Lengths

Selkirk IL Insta-Lock Flue Fittings

Selkirk IL Insta Lock Flue Fittings

Selkirk IL Insta-Lock Flue Supports and Firestops

Selkirk IL Insta Lock Flue Supports and Firestops

Selkirk IL Insta-Lock Flue Terminations

Selkirk IL Insta Lock Flue Terminations

Selkirk IL Insta-Lock Flue Flashings

Selkirk IL Insta Lock Flue Flashings

Selkirk IL Insta-Lock Flue Gas Boxes

Selkirk IL Insta Lock Flue Gas Boxes


The low external temperature under normal operating conditions allows installation with only 25mm (one inch) clearance to combustible materials. Lengths and fittings lock together to provide a rigid flue system and ensure maximum ease of site assembly.


The unique lock tab feature further secures each joint. The Selkirk IL (Insta-Lock) Gas Vent system is available in 3 diameters 102mm (4"), 127mm (5") and 152mm (6") and is suitable for gas appliances in domestic or small commercial installations with draughthoods or with a flue gas temperature not exceeding 260 degrees C, and where the appliance is fitted with a draught-hood or diverter. Consideration should be made to the sulphur content of the fuel oil which can have a harmful effect on aluminium if excessive condensation conditions are allowed to persist in the flue.


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Selkirk IL Flue Key Dimensions and Lock Tab Selkirk IL Flue Typical Installation Selkirk IL Flue Typical Installation
Selkirk IL Flue Selkirk IL Flue



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