Solid Fuel Liner, Increasing Adaptor

Increasing Adaptor for a chimney liner, solid fuel system. Available in sizes 125mm, 155mm, 180mm and 200mm.


Increasing Adaptor


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Chimney Liner Installation

Make sure the chimney has been swept properly to remove tar and soot deposits. At this point, you can check for any damage on the chimney, making sure it is structurally safe and sound. You may need to remove a chimney pot or other obstructions before installing the chimney liner. Determine the correct size of chimney liner you require. You could also think about chimney liner insulation, a useful addition when the chimney stack is external or particularly high. Looking at the chimney liner, make sure you notice the arrows pointing up. The chimney liner should be installed with the arrows pointing up the chimney. Use a draw rope to attach a nose cone to the bottom of the chimney liner. Optionally, fix a chimney liner installation jacket to the last section. Drop the draw rope down the flue and get an assistant to locate the rope at the bottom of the chimney and guide the chimney liner downwards.

When the chimney liner is pulled all the way through the flue, connect the base to the appropriate adaptor. The top end of the chimney liner can be attached using a suspending cowl, with the cowl then attached to the chimney pot. Alternatively, insert the end of the liner into a top sleeve, use a plate and clamp to fix the top of the chimney liner, use a suitable mortar or fit a chimney pot. A chimney cowl can then be attached to the chimney pot.

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